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People are the lifeblood of any organization, but so rarely do they receive the spotlight like the innovative applications and services, company missions, and devoted customer communities they work so hard to create. We want to change that.

At JumpCloud every individual makes a difference, and their work matters no matter what function they hold. This ongoing series aims to showcase the personalities and contributions of every JumpCloudian and share the spotlight with the people who work hard every day to help Make Work HappenTM.

Niki Lagerloef (She/Her)
Directory Solution Advisor (DSA) Leader
Belmont, CA

We recently caught up with Niki Lagerloef about what it’s like to work as Directory Solution Advisor (DSA) Leader.

When did you start working at JumpCloud?
November 2020.

How did you first learn about JumpCloud?
When you find amazing people to work with, you hang on to those connections. Our CMO, Cate Lochead, and I worked together at Couchbase. I am so fortunate to join forces with her once again.

Can you run us through a day in the life of your role at JumpCloud?
Our team is chartered with building the JumpCloud pipeline from our inbound leads. The DSAs are key to our business and join all of the work of the marketing team, product teams, and sales teams with the customers’ success at the forefront of everything we do. Ensuring we are moving qualified leads through the buyer journey is a daily event, and having the right team in place and removing obstacles out of their way for their success and the customers’ success is a must. I am fortunate to work with so many cross-functional teams that support our efforts across recruiting, enablement, operations, demand generation, product, content, communications, support, and sales to meet our daily goals.

How have you grown as an individual since starting at the company?
Seeing is believing! Being part of a product-led growth company has been phenomenal. Witnessing firsthand the amount of updates that get delivered weekly — to continued rave reviews on G2 — is a journey I look forward to continuing to grow with.

Pick a JumpCloud value (Build Connections, Think Big, 1% Better Every Day) and share an example of how you lived that value recently. 1% Better Every Day. We continuously work with the operations team to remove manual processes. Sometimes they can be quick fixes, and other times they take longer to deliver and work through. Anytime they improve routing and automation workflow for us we get time back in our day to focus on sales engagement and not system engagement.

What is something that you have accomplished at JumpCloud that you are proud of? We ended last year with only two active DSAs. With the help of our recruiting team, and internal referrals, we were able to quickly scale the team so JumpCloud can continue to achieve its revenue goals.

What keeps you energized about working at JumpCloud? The people and the product. To see both performing well fuels you! Many DSAs have moved into sales and marketing roles and that is something I want to continue to see well into the future.

What do you like to do on your days off? Anything with my family is my happy place. We are spoiled being so close to the coast — anytime we can have the ocean in our view is a good day.

What advice do you have for prospective JumpCloud candidates?
Software built the right way stands the test of time. Come be part of the exciting, product-led growth journey. The time is now!

What book or movie have you recently read/seen and why would you recommend it? We went to Pismo Beach over the weekend and my daughter teased me about not riding the waves with her because of my unrealistic fear of “Jaws,” which she had never seen. I love when I can show a classic to the younger generation, so yes, you guessed right! We watched “Jaws” over the weekend and now she understands my fear, and yet keeps her passion of wave riding going. Oldie but still such a goodie.

What’s something you plan to do in the next year that you’ve never done?
Believe it or not, I have never been to Colorado. Only an emergency landing at the airport, which is a whole other story. Our team is remote, so a visit to Colorado is in my future.

What is your 15 minutes of fame?
In high school I was a Capezio dancewear model for one of their stores in our local mall. I didn’t realize my fame until someone asked me in the McDonald’s line if I was that Capezio girl (yes, I was ordering a Big Mac). Those were the days!

If you could only eat one item for every meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? I could live off my daughter’s banana bread. She definitely became the master at this during lockdown. She adds chocolate chips that get me through any day of the week.

Do you have any pets as in-house colleagues?
I love our little aquarium. I never thought I would say that, however, I am attached to our African dwarf frogs.

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Kelsey Carlson

Kelsey is the Website Coordinator at JumpCloud. Outside of work she spends her time traveling with her family, partaking in all the sports the Colorado mountains offer, and reading poetry with coffee in hand.

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