Break the Perimeter, Implement Zero Trust Security

Implement zero trust security with JumpCloud to provide secure access to resources whether employees work in-office or remotely. Provide secure and frictionless access to employees based on trusted identity, trusted network and trusted device all verified from a single cloud directory platform.

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Control Access

JumpCloud provides you with full control over user resource access, including group membership, role-based access controls, and conditional access policies to ensure your employees are managed by the principle of least privilege — a core tenet of a zero trust posture. Manage passwords and SSH keys to keep identities under control.

Verify Everything

Ensure your users are who they say they are: use JumpCloud to require MFA upon entry to their devices, apps, and infrastructure. Limit access based on network or device trust using conditional access policies.

Constant Vigilance

Observe everything that happens in your organization and confirm it meets the standards of your zero trust model. Use JumpCloud Directory Insights™ to monitor authentication events and changes to identities. System Insights™ gives you an eye into devices including status, health, and performance.

IT Admins on G2 Crowd Agree

JumpCloud is the easiest to use and highest rated cloud directory on G2.

There is a very intelligent MFA that doesn't annoy your employees by knowing that there was a previous authentication and authorizing the login attempt when the system is shut down.

Chris K.

We came from having an Active Directory server for domain auth, a Kerberos server for Linux auth, and an LDAP server for authentication to other non-AD/Kerberos services. JumpCloud literally let us consolidate all of our authentication services and added user authentication and device management for our Mac staff as well.

Ken H.

What do I like best? I think the list goes on and on way too long for this. JumpCloud does everything I could think of. From LDAP, to IDP, to server authentication, to MDM and so much more.

Randy N.

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