Office 365 + JumpCloud = No Active Directory

Utilizing Office 365 and still on Active Directory? Move 100% to the cloud with JumpCloud as your Directory-as-a-Service®. Seamless integration with Office 365.

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Office 365 + JumpCloud = No Active Directory

Active Directory® & LDAP Reimagined

Central Identity | Single Password | Access to Everything | SSO| RADIUS | LDAP| MFA | SSH Key Management

Better Security

Enforce password complexity and lock out, apply MFA, manage SSH keys, and audit login events.

Centralized Identity Management

Control user access to virtually any resource: Mac, Windows, Linux, AWS, G Suite, Office 365, Meraki & more.

100% Cloud

SaaS subscription model so you pay for what you use. No infrastructure to purchase or manage.

How it Works

JumpCloud is the authoritative identity to securely manage and connect your users to systems, networks, and applications both on-premise and in the cloud. Break free from Active Directory with JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service®.

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The Modernization of Directory Services

Replace Active Directory with a Next Gen Cloud Directory

No Directory? No problem

Setup & integrate your resources with Directory-as-a-Service in minutes with no on-premise servers. Use JumpCloud as the authoritative identity provider for Mac/Win/Linux, WiFi, web/on-prem apps, infrastructure, & file servers.

Replace Active Directory with a Next Gen Cloud Directory

Extend Active Directory

Connecting AD to mixed-OS & cloud resources can be overly complex, expensive & time-consuming. Our AD Integration opens the door to securely manage all your non-domain resources without uprooting your current infrastructure.

Replace Active Directory with a Next Gen Cloud Directory

Replace Active Directory

Has the time come to lift & shift your directory to the cloud? Eliminate the hassle & costs of managing on-prem hardware by leveraging JumpCloud’s cloud-based directory services. Make use of our extensive AD migration utilities & expertise to start your transition to modern directory services.

Pay for the services you need. Try JumpCloud now - 10 users and 10 systems. Free Forever.

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