Go Beyond Jamf with Fleetwide Coverage

Authenticate and manage Mac, Windows and Linux devices. Tie identities to any device while securing access to applications, cloud servers, and networks. With JumpCloud you get IDP and MDM capabilities in a single platform.

JumpCloud vs. Jamf. The difference is clear.



Single Sign On

Web App SSO via SAML 2.0
LDAP Authentication
JIT & SCIM User Provisioning
Group-based Entitlements & Authorization
RADIUS Authentication
MFA & Conditional Access

Device Management

Zero-Touch MDM Enrollment
Apple Device Management
Windows Device Management
Linux Device Management
Password Policy Enforcement
SSH Key Management
Device Configuration & Security Policies

IaaS Support

AWS Identity & Resource Access Control
GCP Identity & Resource Access Control
Azure Identity & Resource Access Control

Directory Services

Authoritative Identity for all IT resources
Integration with AD (Optional)
Integration with M365
Integration with Google Workspace
HRIS Integrations
Unified Event Logging Across All Authentications and User Updates