Manage Google Identities from Cloud Directory

Integrate your Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) instance with your cloud directory platform, and unify identities across Google resources, applications, infrastructure, networks, and devices. Fully manage your Google identities from JumpCloud.

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Extend Unified Identities to All Resources

With JumpCloud at the center of your environment, extend unified identities not only to Google Workspace but also Mac, Windows, and Linux devices, web and legacy applications, infrastructure, and networks.

Complete Google Lifecycle Management from JumpCloud

Use an API-level integration between JumpCloud and Google Workspace to synchronize identities between the two platforms. Then, manage Google users and distribution groups directly from the JumpCloud console — rather than navigating between the two.

Secure Google Identities with Cloud Directory

Centrally grant and revoke Google and other resource access from your cloud directory platform. Configure and manage devices and layer multi-factor authentication at access points to increase security as users log in and work.

Comparing JumpCloud and Google Cloud Identity

JumpCloud Google Cloud Identity
Import Google contacts and group Checkmark Checkmark
Customize team or groups Checkmark Checkmark
Enforce MFA Checkmark Checkmark
Security Settings for Windows, Mac, and Linux Checkmark
Extend identities to RADIUS Checkmark

IT Admins on G2 Crowd Agree

JumpCloud is the easiest to use and highest rated cloud directory on G2.

We switched ESP's this year and with jumpcloud we're able to manage a G Suite directory and Azure AD in one place. That's a really cool benefit during employee onboardings and offboardings.

Madeline S.

We love the lower cost of ownership, and ease of use so we don't have to spend time making configuration changes. No reliance on hardware makes it easier to manage both on-site and off-site workers. We now can allow users to manage a single username and password across their PC logins, G Suite, Office 365, RADIUS wifi access, and just about everything else.

Jonathan T

Instead of setting up different user account on their computer, gsuite, and Microsoft 365 accounts, I just need to set it up once and it will use the same credentials for all their accounts.

IT admin