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10Root Cyber Security Ltd is a trusted advisor and custom high-end service provider to hundreds of C-levels, IT Security, and Information Security (InfoSec) teams in 4 continents. We are world-renowned experts in Microsoft’s hybrid cloud strategy, and particular with Active Directory platform, and its integrated services and technologies. We have vast experience of decades consulting to the world’s leading organizations on Active Directory architecture reviews, migration, consolidation, mergers and acquisition scenarios, hardening, attack surface mapping, advanced attack paths analysis and much more.

10Root is also a leading value-added integration house for identity protection solutions such as CrowdStrike Identity Protection and Passwordless by SecretDouble Octopus. We work with our clients to build a cyber defense strategy that will allow their organizations to prepare, build, and improve their readiness and responsiveness to attacks.

We go beyond simply diagnosing individual vulnerabilities by formulating a whole-enterprise defense strategy and program that includes implementation with embedded products to add value to the organization.

Our services include internal and external penetration testing, risk assessments, and custom tool development. We have expertise in hacking and exploiting various applications, including cloud-based ones and Active Directory