Where can I find instructions for implementing Directory-as-a-Service®?

You can find instructions to implement Directory-as-a-Service located within our Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base contains all of our support related threads and is an excellent resource to find technical information about the product. Additionally, you can find detailed video tutorials here.

How does the migration from Active Directory® to JumpCloud work?

  • Install JumpCloud’s Active Directory Bridge agent on your AD server. The agent will sync all of the users you specify into the DaaS platform. Additionally, the group membership will migrate over as well.
  • Disassociate your systems with Active Directory.
  • Next, connect all of your systems and applications to JumpCloud. The easiest way to connect is to simply push the JumpCloud Windows agent to all of your systems.You can also find our Active Directory migration guide here, or find a more detailed breakdown on our support page.

How does the JumpCloud migration process impact the users?

We do our best to ensure that the impact on the end users is as minimal as possible. You can read more about this in a case study with one of our customers, Ace Payroll. In their words, “Most of [the end users] aren’t even aware that we changed anything… other than having to change their passwords, they probably have no idea that there’s anything different going on.” In most cases, the user will just confirm their password within the JumpCloud portal. Subsequent changes to their password are done through the JumpCloud user portal.

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