• How does JumpCloud’s event logging work?
    Event logging has been a big hit with IT, and JumpCloud takes it a step further. The Directory-as-a-Service® Events API feature within our REST APIs allows turnkey event logging of JumpCloud functions. This allows for the capturing of events like additions, deletion, and modifications to users, systems, and script executions that reside under JumpCloud’s control. The output of Event API is in readable JSON. With this feature, admins can query event data on demand or via scheduled jobs, making event logging and analysis more efficient and versatile. Learn more.
  • Can JumpCloud help me pass my audit?
    Yes. As a user management platform, JumpCloud helps ensure that the right people have the right access. Further, JumpCloud can also help enforce strong passwords and multi-factor authentication requirements. JumpCloud also understands the important questions to ask when providing information for auditing. To help provide this meaningful data, we created our Event Logging API, as well as our System Event Logging for macOS, Windows, and Linux OS. Additionally, we have functionality that makes it extremely quick and easy to audit your servers. Learn more about JumpCloud and audits.
  • Will JumpCloud sign a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement?
    JumpCloud is often asked as part of a client engagement of our cloud identity management platform to sign HIPAA Business Associate Agreements (BAA). JumpCloud is not subject to a BAA because JumpCloud does not access, nor process any electronic personal health information (e-PHI) from a covered entity. As a result it is not necessary to have JumpCloud sign a BAA. Many healthcare organizations simply ask all of their suppliers and vendors to sign the BAA, but in this case it is not applicable. Our team would be happy to walk you through how JumpCloud relates to HIPAA and BAAs. Learn more.
  • Which audits can Directory-as-a-Service help with?
    As a centralized directory service, JumpCloud can help with virtually any major security regulation. Access control is at the heart of just about every major compliance standard, and JumpCloud helps control who can access what IT resources. Further, JumpCloud’s Event Logging API is able to track user activity, allowing you to know exactly who performed what action to what resource, when, and from what location. This ability ensures that PCI, HIPAA, SOX, SSAE16, ISO27001, and any other compliance requirement processes are dramatically improved. Learn more.

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