Many admins must perform core IT functions daily for dozens of client accounts – from onboarding/offboarding users to provisioning access to resources and networks. We’ve built our Multi-Tenant Portal specifically to support IT pros who must manage a high volume of client accounts securely and efficiently.

This feature benefits Managed Service Providers (MSPs), along with admins at organizations which are undergoing mergers and acquisitions (M&A) or ones that are a part of larger company portfolios. IT administrators in any of these situations require efficiency in bringing their newly acquired subordinate organizations under consistent IT governance and control.

When managing sub-organizations, admins shouldn’t be bogged down with confusing, disparate and inefficient tooling and processes. Moving between the control panels for various organizations under their management needs to be fast and simple.

Manage Multiple Sub-Organizations with The Multi-Tenant Portal

JumpCloud’s Multi-Tenant Portal centralizes the control and management of multiple organizations from a easy-to-use dashboard. The Multi-Tenant Portal is specifically designed to allow remote IT Administrators to do their work more efficiently, from one browser-based console. Admins can see the top-level data they need for their managed sub-orgs at-a-glance, while being able to securely launch into full management sessions of any of their desired orgs.

The Multi-Tenant Portal is offered for free to members of JumpCloud’s partner program or to any organizations requiring multi-tenant management.

Learn more here about JumpCloud’s Partner Program or contact JumpCloud’s Customer Success team to for additional information on the Multi-Tenant Portal.



  • At-a-glance organization data providing specifics on user counts, enabled directory features, and more.
  • Quick-nav feature to traverse into other child organizations securely or return to the main Multi-Tenant Portal view.
  • Secure Single Sign On (SSO) from the Multi-Tenant Portal to individual sub-accounts.


  • Provides key information in one “pane of glass” for all associated organizations.
  • Simplifies the login workflow enabling MSPs / admins to easily login to multiple organizations simultaneously.
  • Alleviates the security risks and hassles of managing multiple admin logins to disparate JumpCloud accounts.

Ready to Try the Multi-Tenant Portal?

Access to the Multi-Tenant Portal is available upon request only. To submit your request, apply to be a partner today or contact Customer Success. You can learn more about JumpCloud’s Partner Program here.