Cloud-Based Mac Management

Adapting to Macs in a Cloud-Based IT Landscape

While Microsoft Windows’ market share has been falling, Macs are on the rise. But more Macs in the workplace only mean more headaches for IT admins.

The Problem with Managing Macs

Macs don’t have a reputation for playing well with others. Many offices implement AD or LDAP, but both are limited when it comes to Apple products. Neither AD or LDAP is scaleable for Macs, which leads to a lot of wasted time for IT admins. That’s probably why so many of them just pretend that Macs don’t exist and leave the Apple devices in their office unmanaged.

For larger enterprises, identity access control can be achieved with some enterprise-class administration tools. But as organizations make the move to G Suite/Gmail and begin to shift their infrastructure to the cloud, even these enterprise-class solutions fall short.

Adapting to Macs in a Cloud-Based IT Landscape

With Macs on the rise and everything moving to the cloud, there has to be a better way, right? Forward-thinking organizations have taken to using SaaS-based services to manage their Mac desktops and laptops. Part of the beauty of this approach is its simplicity: a lightweight agent installed on each Mac communicates securely to the SaaS-based console.

This option is still available to organizations that have already invested in AD or LDAP. The agent can be connected to the SaaS-based service and this allows for seamless syncing of user access. This approach will enable you to bridge users to less accessible infrastructures, such as cloud-based infrastructure.

The Benefits of a SaaS Approach

IT departments that implement SaaS now have one system to manage all users and devices. This isn’t just efficient, it’s secure. Finally, IT admins have a way to take on the risks that unmanaged Macs present. Terminated employees are no longer a security threat. Their access to company infrastructure can be stopped immediately and IT admins can wipe the drive remotely.

Software-as-a-Service can also be cost-effective. SaaS solutions offer pay-as-you-go options that give organizations of all sizes the ability to assess and manage their directory.

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