Our marketing team is about building connections. We know that you don’t “sell” our target customer. JumpCloud customers are savvy, prove-it-to-me types who can see through nonsense, so traditional marketing techniques aren’t going to work. What does work is being authentic and genuine about how we might be able to help them solve real problems. We do that by deeply understanding their challenges and mapping how our platform can support their initiatives. Because our target audience eschews traditional marketing approaches, you’ll need to be creative about how to get in front of them to share our value — and that’s going to look different from how things were done in the past. So, bring your creative hat and be ready to dig in and connect with our customers.

“Our marketing team has taken the road less traveled in building a cloud infrastructure software business. You’ll think outside of the box and have the freedom to try innovative new programs and approaches to connect our solution to potential customers.”

—Rajat Bhargava, Chief Executive Officer



Marketing Operations Specialist

Content Writer

Website Coordinator

Senior Technical Community Manager

Senior Manager, Account Based Marketing

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