Vice President, Finance

Position: Vice President, Finance

What you’ll be doing: 
The VP Finance is a key leadership position for the Company. You will be accountable for the overall management of finance, budgeting, planning, tax, billing/collections, and other accounting activities. You will be responsible for ensuring the people, processes, and systems are world class and fully support an extremely fast moving and high growth company.

Although you will report directly to the CFO, you will work closely with the entire executive team to drive the company’s objectives. You will drive awareness of key metrics across the company – ensuring they are accurate, impactful, and readily available.

Communication across the company is critical and it will be your role to ensure that the company has a clear understanding of the financial goals. These goals should relate to each objective across the organization.

You will ensure the company’s accounting records are accurate and easily comparable to similarly situated public companies and in shape for any due diligence the Company needs to go through. As a company focused on the small to medium sized market segment, the company has a large number of transactions. As a result, billing and collections is a critical part of the finance function.

You will help support the expansion of the company internationally and to other states within the U.S. Often, you will prepare and present at executive meetings as well as quarterly Board of Directors meetings.

What we're looking for in a great candidate:

A highly motivated individual with strong values and analytical skills that can manage all facets of finance and accounting while supporting a rapidly growing business.
  • Strong personal skills – someone that can interact at all levels of the Company and across all departments. Financial issues can often be difficult and contentious, so building strong relationships is critical.
  • Business mindset - you must be able to balance the priorities of the day financial side with an eye toward supporting the future of JumpCloud. Our goals are to make smart business decisions with the financial implications always in mind.
  • Ability to scale – our goal is to grow quickly and that means timing investments and changes to match the anticipated growth. We’ll need somebody that can think several steps ahead, build the right team & infrastructure, and then actively manage the function.
  • Prioritization skills – you must have a keen understanding of what is important or “material” as the company matures. Growing so quickly we cannot get to everything that demands our time and attention. Your ability to ruthlessly prioritize will be critical to success.

Skills / Qualifications:
  • 7+ years of related experience
  • Experience in SaaS helpful but not required.
  • Experience with high growth – scaling a finance function, billing/financial systems, & cash management
  • Deep experience with the budgeting process and other financial planning and analysis
  • Strong knowledge of processes and polices related to the quote-cash function
  • Systems implementation experience.
  • Completion of bachelor’s degree in accounting, business or finance
  • CPA preferred but not required
  • Requisite computer skills
  • Very strong communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Ability to connect finance objectives with the overall business objectives
  • Ability and desire to learn about JumpCloud and its customers
  • Solid GAAP knowledge

Where you’ll be working: Our corporate headquarters in downtown Boulder and soon to be Louisville, CO (~ Jan 1, 2020).

Compensation & Benefits: We offer competitive benefits, lots of opportunity to develop professionally, and the ability to demonstrate what you can achieve. JumpCloud is still small enough that your actions will help drive JumpCloud's success.

Why JumpCloud?  You’ll have a voice in the organization, with a seasoned executive team, a highly supportive board / investor group, and a proven market that our customers are excited about. 
Vice President, Finance
Department: Finance
Location: Boulder
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