Benefits of JumpCloud University: 6 Months In

Written by Nicole Petruccione on December 21, 2020

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It’s been six months since we launched the first learning experience of its kind at JumpCloud: JumpCloud University. We support the success of IT administrators by making learning accessible to everyone for free, no matter their learning style. In this blog, you’ll learn about all of the exciting things coming out of JumpCloud University, and how you can become JumpCloud certified.

What is JumpCloud University?

For a long time, we have provided learning opportunities via our Knowledge Base, blogs, videos, webinars, CSMs, and customer support. Although these are all effective resources, we wanted to expand our educational experience, making it easy for anyone to learn about JumpCloud at their own pace. Enter JumpCloud University — offering education to the admin community in a clear and practical way.

Our inspiration for launching JumpCloud University was to provide a free education hub that paves the learning path to success, no matter the stage of your JumpCloud journey. In JCU, you’ll find various opportunities to build your skills, including: 

  • Self-paced courses
  • Short tutorial videos
  • Interactive simulations
  • Full-fledged certification exams 

JCU Certifications

Shortly after the launch of JumpCloud University, we rolled out a reliable assessment to validate your hard-earned knowledge: JumpCloud Core Certification. As an officially developed certification, the 90-minute, 60-question exam is your first step in validating comprehensive knowledge of the JumpCloud platform in terms of implementation and daily management of your directory.

For those admins who have earned the Core certification badge, it truly is a “badge” of honor, showing their leadership and peers that they are well equipped to manage the organization using JumpCloud.

Get Certified for Free

With the warm reception of JumpCloud University and the option to validate your skills by earning your Core certification badge, you’ll be happy to hear we are extending the free pass to get Core certified into 2021. Normally a $150 value, you can get JumpCloud Core certified at no cost.

Who’s Attending JCU?

In the last six months, JCU has expanded beyond expectations and been well-received by the admin community. We’ve reached more than 23,000 visitors in the six months since July. With almost 20 self-paced courses, admins are taking full advantage to learn about JumpCloud when they want, for the topics they want, no strings attached. They can even join JumpCloud Lounge, our Slack-based community, to share their learnings and ask questions of the broader JumpCloud admin community. 

By attending JCU, many JumpCloud admins have mastered their directory platform, managing identities, access, and devices with ease. Here are some of the things anonymous JCU learners are saying about the courses so far:

  • “Very useful and straight forward, keep it up!”
  • “Amazing intuitive flow of course, all information clear and well presented, minimal and beautiful.”
  • “The course design is brilliant! The interactive layout adds to a great learning experience.”

New Courses

We’re continually adding courses to the JumpCloud University curriculum. The most recent additions are Intro to Directory Insights™ and JumpCloud for End Users. These courses cover the usage of JumpCloud’s monitoring and visibility tool, Directory Insights, as well as some of the various features in place that allow end users to self-service their JumpCloud journey through system-based password changes and other convenient tools.

Stay tuned for more courses and certifications coming to JCU. Start your learning journey at JumpCloud University here.

Nicole Petruccione

Nicole manages Customer Education at JumpCloud. She has spent 10+ years educating SaaS users. She specializes in learning experience and design, as well as education and certification programs

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