Supplementing RMM Data with System Insights

Written by Zach DeMeyer on April 22, 2020

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A remote monitoring and management (RMM) tool is only as effective as the data it collects. Depending on your clients’ environments, needs, and budgets, an RMM tool may not apply to every necessary endpoint. It may not even be in the picture at all. A platform-agnostic data collection tool like JumpCloud’s System Insights™ supplements RMM data by working across varying client environments and consolidating valuable data as part of a cloud directory service.

RMM Solutions

MSPs use RMM solutions to remotely keep tabs on client systems, sometimes remotely accessing those systems to troubleshoot issues. MSPs also use RMMs to push widespread updates, remotely downloading applications and patches for clients.

As a part of their core offerings, all RMM tools collect system data, which helps MSPs make actionable decisions about their clients’ IT environments. Armed with an RMM’s data, MSPs can identify systems that are underperforming or presenting security risks to their clients. They can then remotely tend to those systems or make recommendations to purchase new systems or software like antivirus or other security tools. 

Not all RMMs are created equal. Some are dependent upon the operating system clients use; others only apply to certain types of devices. Some RMMs offer rich functionality, but only from higher-cost premium products that may exceed an MSP’s budget. 

Due to these differences, some RMM tools may not report the same depth of data as others, which means that MSPs aren’t fully informed of the status of all their clients’ systems. Beyond that, some clients may only pay for some of an MSP’s services, excluding RMM. MSPs still need rich system data to be able to address issues and vulnerabilities, so is there a solution they can use to fill these data needs?

JumpCloud System Insights

JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service® (DaaS) is the first entirely cloud-based directory service that provides MSPs with remote identity and access management (IAM), regardless of a client’s choice of resources. System Insights™ is a premium feature that gathers data from JumpCloud-managed systems to inform admins about their systems’ health, performance, and security.

Like JumpCloud DaaS, System Insights is OS-agnostic; it works effectively across Mac®, Windows®, and Linux® systems. As such, MSPs can use the feature to supplement their RMM data as needed. Using the JumpCloud API, an MSP can funnel data collected by System Insights directly into their RMM and leverage it alongside RMM data to fill any potential gaps. 

Another facet of JumpCloud’s MSP offering is the Multi-Tenant Portal (MTP). This functionality provides MSPs with a single pane of administrative glass to control the IAM needs and view collected system data for each client. The MTP allows MSPs to observe their clients’ identities at a glance or dive in as needed without switching between solutions for each client organization.

Try JumpCloud System Insights Free

If you’re an MSP in need of a cloud directory service that supplements the data of your RMM, you can try JumpCloud absolutely free. Every JumpCloud account comes with 10 complementary users and systems — all with System Insights enabled at no charge. That means that you can manage any client under 10 users at no cost to you.

Partner Program

The JumpCloud Partner Program works with MSPs and other IT organizations to provide competitive margins, co-marketing opportunities, and specialized features like the MTP. Click here to learn more.

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