User Administration with the JumpCloud App for Slack

Written by Kyle Moorehead on January 26, 2021

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As many companies have transitioned to a remote work environment, the days of walking down the hall to the IT bullpen for a quick password reset are a distant memory; an archaic ritual that will one day be the subject of Anthropology textbooks. Many of the face-to-face interactions of days past have transitioned to messaging platforms, and quick IT asks are no different. Enter the JumpCloud App for Slack which, once deployed in your own existing Cloud infrastructure, enables JumpCloud Administrators to quickly and easily respond to end user requests right where they receive them — in Slack!

Quickly Respond to Requests

Oftentimes when a user submits an urgent ask of the IT team due to a stoppage of work, it can be stressful for all parties. Perhaps there was an emergency termination of a disgruntled employee and their access needs to be turned off ASAP; or an employee purchased a new mobile device and needs to reset their TOTP token for their multi-factor authentication (MFA) app. Inevitably, these scenarios occur when an IT admin is too far from their workstation to act as quickly as they need, and many portals designed to make this process easy for admins are not always mobile-friendly. The JumpCloud App for Slack allows admins to quickly respond to all manner of requests with the following commands:

  • Suspend active user accounts
  • Restore suspended user accounts
  • Unlock locked out user accounts
  • Reset a user’s MFA TOTP token
  • Reset a user’s password

Once the Slack app is installed, you can run the /jumpcloud user help command (or whatever value you set as the command-name) to see the correct syntax for each action (see full list below):

/<command-name> user restore jc.username        # restore a suspended JC user
/<command-name> user suspend @slackusername     # suspend a JC user
/<command-name> user unlock jc.username         # unlock a locked JC user
/<command-name> user resetMfa @slackusername    # reset MFA for a JC user
/<command-name> user resetPassword jc.username  # reset a JC user’s password

Usernames and Display Names

It is an enviable goal for IT administrators to know all of their user’s usernames, but this can be unrealistic, even in a scenario where their credentials are consistent across the entire IT stack. For this reason, the JumpCloud App for Slack allows administrators to execute all of these commands with either the JumpCloud Username or the Slack Display Name, provided that the email used for Slack matches their JumpCloud email. There is no longer a need to track down your users’ email addresses to find them in JumpCloud or to need to remember which John Smith’s username is john.smith and which is john.smith2.

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Admins On The Go

Though many JumpCloud Administrators keep a finger on the pulse of their end-users, they may not always be sitting at their desktop or have their laptop handy when trouble arises. By utilizing the JumpCloud App for Slack with Slack’s mobile application, admins are able to execute commands from their phone just as easily as if they were at their computer. At last, admins no longer need to fear a CEO getting locked out of their account while on a lunch break or errand run. Additionally, managed service providers (MSPs) that service multiple client locations can remotely administer client user issues — whether moving in between client offices or from the comforts of their own office or home.

Try the App for Slack

You can use the JumpCloud App for Slack today by going to our GitHub repository and following the steps laid out there. Please note that, in this first iteration, you will need to host the app on your AWS or Azure cloud platform.

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Kyle Moorehead

Kyle is both a Solutions Architect and a JumpCloud evangelist. He spends his free time finding ways to automate most of his hobbies so he has more time for yet more hobbies.

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