How to Learn JumpCloud: JumpCloud University

Written by Cassa Niedringhaus on July 10, 2020

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There’s a new way to learn JumpCloud®JumpCloud University. We launched a series of courses, along with guided simulations, a tutorial video channel, and other learning resources, to help people learn how to use our cloud directory service, manage users and access permissions, and configure and secure systems. 

JumpCloud is an all-in-one access control and system management platform, and this free education hub provides IT administrators, DevOps engineers, and MSPs a way to couple the platform with interactive, self-paced training and take advantage of its full functionality. In this post, we explore JumpCloud University’s current offerings and our plans to expand those offerings in the future.

JumpCloud University Courses & Resources

There are three learning paths: one for admins evaluating JumpCloud, another for admins who deploy and use JumpCloud within their organizations, and a third for managed services providers (MSPs) who use JumpCloud to manage their client organizations. 

Each path features a number of courses, with topics like building the core directory, importing and managing users, and federating their identities to systems, applications, networks, and servers. Courses can be taken in any order, so admins and MSPs follow the standard track or skip to the lessons that are pertinent to their needs and requirements. Lessons are short and engaging, including videos, interactive lessons, and quizzes. Admins can compliment their course work with hands-on experimentation in the JumpCloud platform itself for free. 

For example, in the 45-minute LDAP configuration course, you can dig into our cloud LDAP offering and learn how to point your Samba servers at JumpCloud LDAP for authentication. Once your cloud directory service is deployed, you can tackle management courses like user lockouts and password management, a course that will enable you to increase the security of user passwords but decrease the number of password tickets your team encounters.

In addition to these courses, you can try your hand at guided simulations, watch our recorded webinars and tutorial videos, and participate in live Office Hours sessions to get your questions answered by panels of IT peers and engineers. JumpCloud University serves as a one-stop shop to learn all that JumpCloud has to offer.

JumpCloud University: What’s Coming Next 

We made JumpCloud University free and open to all, as we do with our platform itself. Anyone can sign up for a JumpCloud account and manage up to 10 users and 10 systems free forever. Now, there are more than a dozen JumpCloud University courses free and available for admins and MSPs. We are expanding our course catalog to include more advanced topics, and admins and MSPs who are interested in getting JumpCloud-certified will have that option in the future. We’re open to feedback, so please feel free to send in your thoughts or requests

Learn more about our approach to education in this post by Nicole Petruccione, who manages customer education at JumpCloud. Otherwise, get started by browsing our JumpCloud University course catalog.

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