Is JumpCloud University’s Core Certification Worth It?


Written by Ashley Gwilliam on May 27, 2022

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JumpCloud University is waiving its $150 assessment fee for its Core Certification program for a limited time. This article will summarize everything you need to know about certification.

It’s true — some platforms are easier to navigate than others. 

The best applications provide intuitive user experiences that make it easy to get from point A to point B without extensive hand-holding. But the more advanced capabilities a piece of software includes, the more likely users could benefit from training programs. 

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and dive into everything the JumpCloud Directory Platform has to offer? If so, we invite you to enroll in JumpCloud University. Our online school contains concise video modules designed to walk admins through common tasks. 

JumpCloud’s Core Certification is completely free for a limited time. 

While our university study modules are always free, the certification exam typically includes a $150 assessment fee. If you would like to go from “just winging it” to “confident cool cucumber,” now is the ideal time to complete your certification! Keep reading to learn more about the program.

Who Benefits from Core Certification

JumpCloud’s Core Certification program validates the foundational knowledge needed to execute standard implementation, configurations, and daily operations across the platform. 

We recommend the Core Certification if you have:

  • Successfully implemented JumpCloud
  • Are actively managing JumpCloud
  • Are a channel partner in our Partner Program 

Here’s what one recent JumpCloud graduate has to say about certification:

“Completing JumpCloud’s Core Certification program helped me to expand my knowledge regarding JumpCloud’s product, but more than that — boosted my team’s efforts to fully migrate our company to JumpCloud. Having all the resources at hand, including a good variety of step-by-step videos, really shows how much effort and importance JumpCloud gives to training their customers.” — Elior A. Plus500

Program Details

The Core Certification exam allots 90 minutes to answer 60 questions in multiple choice, multiple select, true/false, and matching formats. Among other topics, certification evaluates platform knowledge in the following areas: 

  • Admin and User portal functionality, including org settings and password settings
  • Managing users and devices, including directory syncs, MFA, configurations (policies), and commands
  • Configuring resources such as SSO, LDAP, and RADIUS
  • Provisioning and deprovisioning user access, including lockout behaviors

Download the JumpCloud Core Certification Study Guide

Why Get Certified? 

Certifications communicate a commitment to professionalism, proactive problem-solving, and continued learning. In addition to gaining specialized knowledge, IT professionals who obtain certification often enjoy additional benefits.

JumpCloud Core Certification recipients receive digital badges to showcase their new skills on professional platforms like LinkedIn, email signatures, and more. This provides a competitive advantage that can lead to increased opportunities and earning potential. 

jumpcloud core certification badges
JumpCloud Certification Badges

As more organizations move toward adopting Zero Trust security frameworks, IT professionals who have demonstrated related proficiencies are set to become extremely marketable. Boosted efficiency, time saved, and superior performance are other byproducts of knowing how to execute crucial technical strategies. 

As the folks at TSP IT Services mention:

“For our clients that are very cybersecurity conscious or focused on business continuity, JumpCloud is perhaps the most critical software piece in our support stack. For our clients, this means heightened security while spending less time managing identities across many disparate systems.”

Whether you’re an MSP seeking better client contracts, or an in-house admin wanting greater cybersecurity responsibilities, the knowledge you gain in JumpCloud University will set you up for success.

Common Questions

Who should get certified? 

We recommend Core Certification for those who have successfully implemented JumpCloud, who are actively managing JumpCloud, and any channel partners in our Partner Program. 

How should I prepare for the assessment?

Core Certification requires demonstrating mastery over the breadth of the JumpCloud platform. Test-takers will need to demonstrate an understanding of how to configure each platform feature, what it does, and any additional requirements/behaviors associated with it. 

Download the JumpCloud Core Certification Study Guide

Where do I get certified? 

When you’re ready, register for the assessment

About JumpCloud Directory

The JumpCloud Directory Platform is a unified solution for managing identities, devices, policies, and passwords in modern, heterogeneous environments. The platform is invaluable for IT managers who are focused on implementing Zero Trust security frameworks, as well as those who just want to save time by consolidating single-point tools. 

The JumpCloud Customer Education team looks forward to continuing to support the learning and certification of our users. Look for more advanced courses and the advanced certification assessment later this year.

Ashley Gwilliam

Ashley Gwilliam is a Content Writer for JumpCloud. After graduating with a degree in print-journalism, Ashley’s storytelling skills took her from on-camera acting to interviewing NBA basketball players to ghostwriting for CEOs. Today she writes about tech, startups, and remote work. In her analog life, she is on a quest to find the world's best tacos.

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