Kicking Off The JumpCloud IT Admin Network

Written by Ashley Gwilliam on February 11, 2022

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Are you an IT professional longing for social interaction?

Got a particular admin challenge you would like to bounce off your peers? 

Want to make friends while wearing your slippers at home?

We invite you to join the JumpCloud IT Admin Network! Starting this month, rotating IT experts will host a series of virtual events in major national and international cities. The informal video calls are open to all industry professionals, regardless of their affiliation with our cloud directory platform, and will recur monthly. 

JumpCloud Meetup Network

“The meetup network is a peer-to-peer community for folks to connect, collaborate, and discuss all things IT,” says Alexa Emerson, JumpCloud community program manager. “Our goal is to provide an environment for like-minded people to learn from each other in a relaxed setting.”

Recent research suggests that socializing at work is more important than ever before. As many employers transition to permanent remote and hybrid work models, an increasing number of employees are feeling disconnected. 

As reported by CNBC, a survey of more than 2,000 workers across 50 global organizations revealed that 72 percent of global workers feel lonely “at least monthly.” In addition, 55 percent say they feel lonely “at least weekly.” Translation: if you’ve been longing for more face-to-face contact, you’re not alone. 

The new IT Admin Network embodies JumpCloud’s core value to “Build Connections” between organizations and their IT resources and among IT professionals themselves. 

The pilot program will launch in 10 major metropolitan areas — Chicago, Austin, Boston, London, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Denver, and DC — beginning on February 2, 2022. The first round of meetings will culminate with an in-person meetup in Denver on February 23, 2022.

Though we designed the initiative with the intention of connecting local professionals, residence isn’t mandatory. Feel free to attend a virtual meetup geared toward any city of your choosing. 

“The goal is to eventually move to in-person events, but while we’re virtual, absolutely anyone is welcome to attend any event,” says Emerson. “Beyond building your professional network, expect to discuss best practices, learn about trending IT topics, and collaborate to solve common pain points.” 

Emerson says attendees will also enjoy opportunities to win cool prizes, score free swag, and have fun! 

2/15Boston, MAVirtual
2/16Los Angeles, CAVirtual
2/17New York City, NYVirtual
2/17London, ENGVirtual
2/22Seattle, WAVirtual
2/23San Francisco, CAVirtual
2/23Denver, COIn-Person

NOTE: if you can’t make an event this month, don’t fret. Sign-up for notification of future monthly chapter events — join the JumpCloud IT Admin Network!

Want to start a chapter in your area? Reach out to us at
[email protected]

Ashley Gwilliam

Ashley Gwilliam is a Content Writer for JumpCloud. After graduating with a degree in print-journalism, Ashley’s storytelling skills took her from on-camera acting to interviewing NBA basketball players to ghostwriting for CEOs. Today she writes about tech, startups, and remote work. In her analog life, she is on a quest to find the world's best tacos.

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