Introducing: Skill Badges in JumpCloud University

Written by Nicole Petruccione on September 1, 2021

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Taking a course through JumpCloud University™ (JCU) or earning your JumpCloud Core Certification is a great accomplishment that adds to your repertoire of IT knowledge and your resume! However, this certification (like others of similar weight) can be a big undertaking. It takes time to steadily amass the technical and product knowledge required to complete and pass the course. However, the path to gain that knowledge is full of important milestones that should be recognized and rewarded, which leads us to the newest addition to JumpCloud University: skill badges!

For those of you interested in developing specific skills leading up to your Core Certification, we are piloting a new program that allows you to earn skill badges after completing certain courses. Skill badges are also a great option for those that aren’t ready to attempt the official Core Certification — in this case, pinpointing specific skills to expand is a great alternative. Rather than waiting to celebrate and share your success of earning your official Core Certification, you can gain different skills and share your expertise along the way!

What is a JumpCloud Skill Badge?

JumpCloud skill badges are lightweight credentials you can earn to increase your knowledge and add to your professional toolkit. Skill badges are earned by completing certain courses through JumpCloud University based on your personal and professional goals. Our first course that provides a skill badge is called Foundations of Cloud Directory.

Earn and share specific skill badges with your network to highlight your expertise and dedication to continued learning and professional development. You can earn them individually as a specialized mark of honor or use them as stepping stones to earning your official JumpCloud Core Certification, which is a heavier credential and a more intensive process.

The Goals of JCU’s Skill Badges

Learning is a personal journey, and as we mature and evolve our educational programs, we’ve learned to adapt our programs to fit the unique needs of our users. So in addition to the ideas expressed above, the new skill badges of JumpCloud University will:

  • Help you expand your IT knowledge and stay on the cutting edge of the industry
  • Provide you a visual accolade to represent your skills and accomplishments
  • Give you opportunities to add to your professional credentials in a personalized way without a time commitment as demanding as the Core Certification
  • Help you demonstrate your commitment to professional development to your network

Earn Your First JCU Skill Badge Today

To earn your first skill badge, all you have to do is complete and pass our Foundations of Cloud Directory course. This course includes approximately 2-3 hours of content with a short quiz at the end. Once you have passed the quiz, you’ll be sent to the final lesson where the skill badge can be downloaded. 

That’s it! Simple as that. Afterwards, you can save and share your skill badge with your network and challenge others to earn their badges as well.


Foundations of Cloud Directory

Increase Your Fundamental Cloud Directory Knowledge

Nicole Petruccione

Nicole manages Customer Education at JumpCloud. She has spent 10+ years educating SaaS users. She specializes in learning experience and design, as well as education and certification programs

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