February ’20 Newsletter: Free AD Migration and System Insights

Written by JumpCloud on February 28, 2020

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Welcome to JumpCloud’s February Newsletter. Here’s what’s inside: 

  • Introducing the Active Directory Migration Utility (ADMU)
  • Premium System Insights Included with All Free Accounts
  • Access More System Insights Data in the Admin Portal
  • PowerShell Corner: JumpCloud Dashboard PowerShell Module
  • Seamless State Management with Active Directory® Integration (ADI)
  • In-App Support Now Available
  • JumpCloud’s Q1 2020 Events

As always, find a more technical breakdown of our recent releases in our February release notes.

Introducing the Active Directory Migration Utility (ADMU)

Do you need to migrate Windows domain-bound systems out of AD and into JumpCloud? 

We created the Active Directory Migration Utility to streamline the process of detaching a system from Active Directory and preparing the accounts for management by JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service. Leverage the new ADMU to:

  • Convert domain user accounts to local user accounts
  • Install the JumpCloud Agent on Windows systems
  • Leave a Windows domain

Check out our video tutorial on the ADMU to learn more.

Premium System Insights Included with All Free Accounts

JumpCloud Premium feature System Insights™ is now included with your JumpCloud free account.

System Insights shows IT admins telemetry data across their fleet of Mac, Windows, and Linux systems, presenting critical information on uptime, storage and memory availability, disk encryption, and installed applications in the Admin Portal.

System Insights data includes: 

  • Uptime
  • Storage capacity
  • Encryption status
  • Serial number
  • Applications
  • Network interfaces

If you have an existing free account and want to experience System Insights, follow the steps in the Knowledge Base article below.

Access More System Insights Data in the Admin Portal

With our latest update to System Insights™, you can now use the new Details drop-down menu in the Admin Portal to surface data for individual Windows®, Mac®, and Linux® systems. This menu gives an overview of select data points that you can then export as a .csv file. 

You can also access deeper System Insights data with new data points available through the API or PowerShell Module. A few of our new data points include: 

  • Battery status
  • Logged in users
  • USB drives
  • User group associations
  • Shared folders and resources

Watch this video tutorial to see how to query this data using the PowerShell Module

Check out our System Insights Knowledge Base article to learn more.

PowerShell Corner: JumpCloud Dashboard PowerShell Module

See your directory data in a brand new interface with the JumpCloud Dashboard PowerShell Module. Use the JumpCloud PowerShell Dashboard to: 

  • Launch JumpCloud directory dashboards locally on Mac, Windows, or Linux with a single command 
  • Visualize at-a-glance insights through data tables and graphs containing rich JumpCloud directory information
  • Export findings to .csv with one click

The 1.0 release of the JumpCloud Dashboard PowerShell Module includes dashboards for JumpCloud Users and Systems data. Click on the button below to get started.

Running PowerShell core? The JumpCloud PowerShell Dashboard requires the latest version to launch. 

Seamless State Management with Active Directory Integration (ADI)

JumpCloud’s ADI feature helps IT admins maximize their Microsoft® Active Directory® investment by extending AD user identities to cloud-based and non-Microsoft resources from the JumpCloud Admin Portal.

We’ve enhanced ADI’s interoperability to enable admins to seamlessly manage users across AD domains from the Admin Portal with updates like:

  • Expired user state management: When users are locked out of JumpCloud, they’re also disabled in AD and can’t access AD-governed resources
  • Suspended user state management: Suspending users in JumpCloud also disables them in AD
  • User creation: Create new AD users and seamlessly manage their resource access — all from the JumpCloud Admin Portal
  • SSO: Manage user access to applications through SAML and LDAP

With these ADI upgrades, admins never have to leave the JumpCloud Admin Portal to manage their AD user states, regardless of the resources they use.

Click the button below to watch JumpCloud’s Chief Strategy Officer Greg Keller discuss the benefits ADI can bring to your organization.

In-App Support Resources Now Available

To make it as easy as possible for you to answer technical questions you may have while using JumpCloud, you can now search for Knowledge Base articles directly from the JumpCloud Admin Portal. 

Click on the Support tab in the Admin Portal to use the Knowledge Base search bar, watch how-to videos like the Build Your Own Directory video tutorial series, and find other key resources to get the answers you need.

JumpCloud’s Q1 2020 Events

It’s time for JumpCloud to hit the road! Here are the events planned for the first quarter of 2020:

Event Date City
MacTech Pro February 26 Dallas
MacTech Pro March 18 Atlanta
MacAD.UK March 24-25 London

If you’re in the area, we’d love to see you. Email events@jumpcloud.com or tweet @JumpCloud to let us know you’re coming!

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