Still the top operating system worldwide (although the number is falling), Microsoft Windows is used across the entire business sector. Savvy IT admins know that they need to properly manage Windows systems to keep their orgs safe.


Evolution of the JumpCloud PowerShell Module

A key tool for automating JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service® is the JumpCloud PowerShell Module, which has evolved significantly over the past few years.


Windows Server 2008 End of Service (EOS) 

If you are wondering what the next move is after Microsoft officially goes End of Service with Windows Server 2008, read on to find out more. 


GPO Alternative for Windows

As IT organizations move away from Microsoft Active Directory, the on-prem IdP, IT admins are in search of a GPO alternative for Windows.


Remote Windows Management

Choosing an amalgam solution like Active Directory® coupled with Intune® for remote Windows management can prove costly on two fronts. Price is only one.


Why Replace Windows® Server?

Wondering if you still need your existing Windows® Server? You’re not alone. Here’s why organizations are choosing to replace their Windows Server.