System Management

System management is key to any identity and access management (IAM) approach. While system management used to solely consist of Windows machines, the modern era demands system management for Mac and Linux as well.


How Can I Check Patches on Remote Computers?

Although patch management can be automated, checking remote patches is more difficult than it seems. Directory-as-a-Service makes it easier for free.


Managing Linux After SCCM Support EOL

Organizations using SCCM to manage Linux systems will need an alternative following the tool’s end-of-life support for the OS. Find one here.


Lock Down Remote Systems

IT admins have to make sure systems, Mac, Windows, and Linux, are secure and perform well. Use these strategies to lock down remote systems.


System Insights and OS Telemetry for DevOps

The constantly changing infrastructure in a DevOps environment makes accurate, centralized system data reporting crucial for security and efficiency.