System Management

System management is key to any identity and access management (IAM) approach. While system management used to solely consist of Windows machines, the modern era demands system management for Mac and Linux as well.


User Management for Linux Mint

We love the value the Linux Mint OS delivers to end users. Here's how to centrally manage those users and their machines as an IT admin.


What JumpCloud Policies Should I Enable?

Use GPO-like Policies across Windows, macOS, and Linux machines to set security features or apply uniform configurations. Try JumpCloud Free.


How to Run Remote Commands on Linux

You don't need a live SSH terminal to run Bash commands and manage remote Linux machines. Learn how to run remote commands with JumpCloud.


So, You Want to Use JumpCloud Policies?

Learn how to manage your macOS, Windows, and Linux systems with GPO-like Policies applied from a central platform. Try JumpCloud free today.