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Startups. The fashionable small to medium companies on the forefront of technology and more. As a successful startup, JumpCloud has a wealth of knowledge on how to succeed when it seems the business world is against you.


Best OneLogin Alternatives for Startups

Startups are aggressively leveraging technology to help keep their operations streamlined and their costs low. So it shouldn’t come as a […]


How do I Secure My Startup?

In the middle of fast growth, constant user change, and many other hectic factors that come with startups, a common question is how do I secure my startup?


A Security Checklist for your Startup

As a startup, not having enough time or money to secure your business is not an excuse. Hackers are attacking everybody, and are searching for easy targets.


Security for Startups – Your Office

This blog post details some of the best practices for office security, and what steps you can take to ensure that your sensitive information is secure.


A Startup’s Journey to Product/Market Fit

We are authenticating, authorizing, and managing all kinds of devices and applications through a remarkable solution called Directory-as-a-Service.