Office 365 (O365)

Office 365 (O365) is Microsoft's Office suite available from the cloud. With collaboration comparable to Google's G Suite, O365 is a widely used business tool. Integrate your O365 identities into JumpCloud today.

OFFICE 365 (O365)

Can O365 be my Directory Services?

As IT organizations move from on-prem to the cloud, they often wonder if Office 365™ (O365) can be their directory service.

OFFICE 365 (O365)

O365® as your Identity Provider

Want to leverage O365 as your identity provider to your end users? It's possible, but best when accompanied with a true directory service.


Backend Office 365™ with LDAP?

Backending Office 365™ with LDAP opens up a world of possibilities that Azure® AD cannot accommodate, so a different solution is needed.


Manage both O365™ & G Suite™

The ability to manage both O365 & G Suite™ with a single set of credentials is an interesting thought, but not one easily implemented. Now, it’s possible.