Modern IT

Modernized IT infrastructure enables organizations to transform the platforms they use to automate workflows and increase efficiency in operations. IT modernization is about overhauling the "fix as you go" strategy and increasing the high-quality functionality of IT processes and equipment. Here, you can read about modernization strategies IT departments can use to overcome the continual challenge of providing better services at lower costs.


How to Formalize a Security Program

IT admins can take on risk management and security officer roles and the path to getting there is accessible, even if it's challenging.


Managing Device Health & Telemetry

Modern user and device management systems should include a simple way to monitor and manage device health and telemetry.


Choice Is An Illusion: Use An IT Priority Matrix

IT departments have many demands and determinations to make. Manage growth, coalesce on what to do first, and increase organizational confidence and buy-in by using a Priority Matrix.