Microsoft 365 (365)

Office 365 (O365) is Microsoft's Office suite available from the cloud. With collaboration comparable to Google's G Suite, O365 is a widely used business tool. Integrate your O365 identities into JumpCloud today.

MICROSOFT 365 (365)

Integrate O365 with Cloud IAM

Many cloud-forward IT organizations ask us if it’s possible to integrate Office 365 with cloud identity and access management.

MICROSOFT 365 (365)

RADIUS Authentication with Microsoft Office 365

RADIUS authentication allows organizations to require unique login credentials for each user on the network, eliminating the risk of a shared WiFi password.

MICROSOFT 365 (365)

Tutorial: Office 365 Integration with DaaS

Office 365 integration with JumpCloud can be achieved in minutes. Once merged, you can extend O365 identities to systems, apps, and network resources


Identity-as-a-Service: Office 365® Integration

The Identity-as-a-Service function Microsoft Office 365 integration is critical to building a central user management platform for an organization


Comparing G Suite and Office 365 (O365)

JumpCloud's Directory-as-a-Service® is the companion solution to G Suite and Office 365 that moves the directory services to the cloud