Microsoft 365 (365)

Office 365 (O365) is Microsoft's Office suite available from the cloud. With collaboration comparable to Google's G Suite, O365 is a widely used business tool. Integrate your O365 identities into JumpCloud today.


Google Workspace vs. Microsoft 365

Whether you use Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, JumpCloud manages their identities for free through a single cloud directory platform.


How Does JumpCloud Integrate with O365?

We have strived to make it easy to use O365 and G Suite identities for more. That’s why JumpCloud seamlessly integrate with both O365 and G Suite.

MICROSOFT 365 (365)

Can O365 be my Directory Services?

As IT organizations move from on-prem to the cloud, they often wonder if Office 365™ (O365) can be their directory service.

MICROSOFT 365 (365)

O365 as your Identity Provider

Want to leverage O365 as your identity provider to your end users? It's possible, but best when accompanied with a true directory service.


Backend Office 365™ with LDAP?

Backending Office 365™ with LDAP opens up a world of possibilities that Azure® AD cannot accommodate, so a different solution is needed.