Widely regarded for their computational abilities, Linux systems and servers are valued by IT admins and DevOps engineers alike. Historically, however, Linux systems have been lacking in proper device management. With Directory-as-a-Service, admins can swiftly manage their Linux fleets.


Addressing the Challenge of Linux MDM

Linux devices are often left unmanaged. Sometimes this is justified by the idea that Linux devices aren’t really a part of the “IT network.”


User Management for Linux Mint

We love the value the Linux Mint OS delivers to end users. Here's how to centrally manage those users and their machines as an IT admin.


Managing Linux Mint Systems

Use a cloud directory platform to manage your Linux Mint systems with pre-built policies and custom commands. Try JumpCloud Free today.


How to Run Remote Commands on Linux

You don't need a live SSH terminal to run Bash commands and manage remote Linux machines. Learn how to run remote commands with JumpCloud.


Managing Linux After SCCM Support EOL

Organizations using SCCM to manage Linux systems will need an alternative following the tool’s end-of-life support for the OS. Find one here.


Configuring AWS Linux Servers With LDAP

A significant number of servers in the AWS® cloud run on Linux®. So, the pairing of an open source OS and authN protocol makes sense.


Sync AD with Linux

Although it’s possible to sync Active Directory with Linux systems, this can be a difficult and time consuming undertaking.