Created by Tim Howes and his colleagues at the University of Michigan, the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, or LDAP, is the sire of the modern directory service. JumpCloud has reimagined LDAP as LDAP-as-a-Service for today's IT organizations.


OpenLDAP to Active Directory Migration

IT admins with an OpenLDAP directory often examine other directories to provide more functionality in managing Mac and Windows systems.


Can I Integrate AWS With LDAP?

Integrating your AWS infrastructure with LDAP could be useful in managing user authorization and authentication, but is it worth doing on your own?


Cloud LDAP Solution

As IT resources make the move to the cloud, many IT admins have started looking for a cloud LDAP solution. Are there any options?


Cloud OpenLDAP

OpenLDAP is the leading open source implementation of LDAP, connecting solutions such as Linux systems, source code apps, databases, VPNs, and more.


Azure AD LDAP Server

Organizations that are using Microsoft Azure Active Directory must address the following question: how do you authenticate LDAP requests to the cloud?


Google LDAP Server

G Suite falls short of functioning as an LDAP server. To connect Google Apps identities with the rest of your devices and apps, look to DaaS.


Set Password Complexity for LDAP

Do you need to set password complexity for LDAP? After all, password complexity requirements can help you better control your IT security.


Okta® LDAP-as-a-Service

Is Okta LDAP-as-a-Service worth considering? As the web app SSO company grows, they are extending into more parts of identity management.


LDAP-as-a-Service OneLogin

Many IT admins are looking to streamline IAM tools & asking if LDAP-as-a-Service exists from web application SSO providers such as OneLogin.