Created by Tim Howes and his colleagues at the University of Michigan, the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, or LDAP, is the sire of the modern directory service. JumpCloud has reimagined LDAP as LDAP-as-a-Service for today's IT organizations.


Free Cloud LDAP

LDAP infrastructure has always been difficult to implement. Save time and money; host your LDAP servers from the cloud, for free.


Choosing the Right LDAP Server

Choosing an LDAP server starts with answering the question on-prem or cloud? But that's not the only consideration to make. Read on to find out more.


The Cost of Cloud LDAP

Learn about the costs and benefits of cloud LDAP compared to the traditional on prem approach. Try JumpCloud for Free!


Integrate Google Workspace with OpenLDAP

With the growing popularity of Google Apps, many IT organizations are interested in a solution that will allow them to integrate Google Workspace with OpenLDAP.


Considering an Alternative to LDAP?

JumpCloud is a simple, easy-to-use alternative to LDAP that provides you with Windows and Linux user management capabilities as a SaaS-based solution.


What is LDAP Authentication?

What is LDAP authentication? In short, it is one of the most common ways for IT admins to control access to applications and more.


Protecting User Security in LDAP

LDAP plays a crucial role in providing access to on-premises infrastructure. Read on for best practices in protecting user security in LDAP.


Apache Directory Server vs. OpenLDAP

OpenLDAP and Apache Directory Server are both popular solutions — but another alternative is cloud-hosted LDAP. Try JumpCloud free today.


Configuring AWS Linux Servers With LDAP

A significant number of servers in the AWS® cloud run on Linux®. So, the pairing of an open source OS and authN protocol makes sense.


Web-Based LDAP Authentication

Web-based LDAP authentication is highly sought after in modern IT organizations. Fortunately, LDAP-as-a-Service solutions are now available.