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Created by Tim Howes and his colleagues at the University of Michigan, the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, or LDAP, is the sire of the modern directory service. JumpCloud has reimagined LDAP as LDAP-as-a-Service for today's IT organizations.


Cloud LDAP for MSPs

Cloud LDAP-as-a-Service reduces challenges while providing remote, multi-tenant authentication to MSPs. Try it for free to see for yourself.


SSO for LDAP Apps

IT admins can enable workflows for on-prem and cloud LDAP apps that are similar to the workflows for SaaS apps that use SAML.


Configuring AWS Linux Servers With LDAP

A significant number of servers in the AWS® cloud run on Linux®. So, the pairing of an open source OS and authN protocol makes sense.


The Quick Guide to LDAP

For admins just getting their feet wet with LDAP, learning the protocol can be a lot. This quick guide to LDAP will help you understand the basics.


OpenLDAP 101

After almost three decades, OpenLDAP™ is still the premier open-source LDAP implementation. Here’s a primer on what it can do.


Web-Based LDAP Authentication

Web-based LDAP authentication is highly sought after in modern IT organizations. Fortunately, LDAP-as-a-Service solutions are now available.


Integrate G Suite with OpenLDAP

With the growing popularity of Google Apps, many IT organizations are interested in a solution that will allow them to integrate G Suite with OpenLDAP.


OpenLDAP to Active Directory Migration

IT admins with an OpenLDAP directory often examine other directories to provide more functionality in managing Mac and Windows systems.


Migrate to Cloud OpenLDAP

IT admins may be interested in migrating their OpenLDAP servers to a cloud-based LDAP platform to ditch the upkeep of legacy, on-prem hardware.


On-Demand LDAP Server

Setting up on-prem LDAP servers represents an upfront cost, as well as ongoing costs. On-demand LDAP servers help mitigate both expenditures.