DevOps. The combination of Development and Operations is becoming a top method of creating new software. The wedding, however, is presenting a challenge to IT admins trying to manage access to Dev and Ops environments.


DevOps and Identity Management

DevOps and identity management have historically been a difficult combination. JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service® is changing that.


Adding Security to Your DevOps Process

When you join security, DevOps, and your iterations cadence, you are covering all the bases. Our steps can certainly help you get the ball rolling.


User Management with Chef and Puppet

For small user and server populations, tools like Chef and Puppet are great, but as populations grow, the time spent managing users outweighs the benefits.


Implementing DevOps

Implement DevOps by making these crucial changes to (1) cultural ecosystem, (2) processes, and (3) technologies. Here’s how.