DevOps. The combination of Development and Operations is becoming a top method of creating new software. The wedding, however, is presenting a challenge to IT admins trying to manage access to Dev and Ops environments.


Definition of DevOps

DevOps as a term has changed and evolved over the years, but through those changes securing user access has remained paramount.


Identity Management in DevOps

Identity management in DevOps is becoming a priority as more organizations are being driven by their IT systems and software.


Syncing AWS and GitHub User Accounts

As DevOps takes hold in most organizations, IT admins and DevOps engineers are searching for ways to sync user accounts from resources like AWS and GitHub.


Case Study: Tamr’s IT & DevOps Teams

“When Tamr looked down the checkboxes of the features they needed, Directory-as-a-Service was the only ones that had it all. For them, that was huge.


One Identity for a DevOps Engineer

Many IT admins have started to ask the question: “How can I give my technical staff one identity for all of their DevOps functions?”