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Cloud Infrastructure

While the shift of IT to the cloud continues, cloud infrastructure is the most widely accepted facet of the cloud. The term, however, has several different definitions. Learn about each of them here.


Connect Google Cloud Identity with AWS

You can’t authenticate AWS servers with Google Cloud Identity natively, but you can use a cloud directory platform. Try JumpCloud Free today.


Why Use JumpCloud Over Azure AD

As many IT admin look to shift their directory service to the cloud, they are often asking why choose JumpCloud over Microsoft® Azure® Active Directory®?


Cloud-Hosted LDAP

IT admins can use cloud-hosted LDAP to reap the benefits of the protocol without complex setup requirements. Try JumpCloud free today.


Can Okta really Replace AD?

What core capabilities should a cloud directory service offer in order to replace AD? Can Okta meet those needs?


Configuring AWS Linux Servers With LDAP

A significant number of servers in the AWS® cloud run on Linux®. So, the pairing of an open source OS and authN protocol makes sense.