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Quickly becoming Microsoft's crux offering, Azure is a cloud platform for infrastructure and more. Azure Active Directory, however, is not a cloud version of Active Directory, unlike JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service.


Azure AD vs. ADFS

This comparison between Azure AD and AD FS explores how the Microsoft offerings overlap, where they differ, and potential alternatives.


Azure AD For Single Sign-On (SSO)

Azure AD for web application SSO has helped IT teams gain functionality from AD, but what if admins want to leverage True SSO for all their resources?


The Risk of Microsoft Owning Your Identity

With Active Directory struggling to authenticate modern IT infrastructure, IT teams are concerned about the risk of Microsoft owning your identity.


Azure AD Replacement

Admins considering an Azure AD replacement should select one that best suits their security and authentication requirements.


Understanding Azure AD’s Free Tier

For admins considering AAD as their solution to cloud identity management, understanding Azure AD Free can mean a world of difference.


Azure AD for Small Businesses

SMBs interested in moving their directory services to the cloud may find value in Azure AD, but can it authenticate users to all their resources?


Azure AD for Remote Users

Can you use Azure AD to manage IT resources for remote users? There are some circumstances Azure AD fits in, but it comes with limitations.


Total Cost of Ownership of Azure AD

Many factors and additional services come into play when you calculate the total cost of ownership of Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory.


Limitations of Policies within Azure AD

Active Directory’s Group Policy Objects (GPOs) have been indispensable to system-level policy management, but Azure AD’s policies extension has limitations.