Quickly becoming Microsoft's crux offering, Azure is a cloud platform for infrastructure and more. Azure Active Directory, however, is not a cloud version of Active Directory, unlike JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service.


What is Azure Active Directory?

If you're wondering what Microsoft's Azure Active Directory is and whether it is inclusive of applications and devices outside Microsoft, read on.


Hand-Off Executing Tasks Across Servers

IT ops folks are executing tasks for other parts of the business, such as reports for marketing or billing, by building scripts. DaaS is a better option!


DevOps 2014: The Year of Scaling

James Brown, CXO at JumpCloud, gives his thoughts on DevOps for 2014; it should be a year of rapid innovation and scaling adoption.


Cloud Server Outages Don’t Scare Me

JumpCloud helps you prepare for a cloud outage when cloud providers fail. Contact us to learn how our DaaS platform can support your cloud infrastructure.