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Quickly becoming Microsoft's crux offering, Azure is a cloud platform for infrastructure and more. Azure Active Directory, however, is not a cloud version of Active Directory, unlike JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service.


Hand-Off Executing Tasks Across Servers

IT ops folks are executing tasks for other parts of the business, such as reports for marketing or billing, by building scripts. DaaS is a better option!


DevOps 2014: The Year of Scaling

James Brown, CXO at JumpCloud, gives his thoughts on DevOps for 2014; it should be a year of rapid innovation and scaling adoption.


Cloud Server Outages Don’t Scare Me

JumpCloud helps you prepare for a cloud outage when cloud providers fail. Contact us to learn how our DaaS platform can support your cloud infrastructure.


How to Solve Heartbleed in 10 Minutes

James Brown, JumpCloud CXO, instructs how to solve Heartbleed in 10 Minutes with JumpCloud's Directory-as-a-Service® command execution functionality.


Automatic User Import with JumpCloud

JumpCloud has integrated automatic user import functionality into our services. Check out how we did it, and why it's so helpful.


Security Bloggers Network Awards

Security Bloggers Network meetup at RSA is a group of security industry thinkers and writers Alan Shimel that had organized when we worked at StillSecure.