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Quickly becoming Microsoft's crux offering, Azure is a cloud platform for infrastructure and more. Azure Active Directory, however, is not a cloud version of Active Directory, unlike JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service.


Azure AD Authentication Protocols

IT teams interested in utilizing Azure AD may need to know what protocols it natively supports for connecting users to their resources.


Azure AD Without RADIUS

Azure AD doesn’t natively provide RADIUS authentication, but IT teams can troubleshoot this issue by integrating it with a directory service that does.


Can I Use Azure AD for Authentication?

Azure AD may be suitable for authentication to some resources, but vital gaps in AAD’s infrastructure management capabilities exist.


Azure AD versus Ping Identity

Those seeking cloud-based identity management may be comparing Azure AD and Ping Identity, but do these solutions offer what IT teams need?


Azure AD Without a Local Server

Admins might use Azure Active Directory for its SSO capabilities, but they’ll need additional solutions to implement fully cloud-based IAM.


Comparing Azure AD and AD FS

IT organizations are comparing Azure AD and AD FS to see which is best-suited for bridging AD to modern, cloud-based resources.


Eliminate Identity Silos from Azure AD

Siloed identities can be dangerous for an organization’s security posture, and as such, should be eliminated wherever possible.