Quickly becoming Microsoft's crux offering, Azure is a cloud platform for infrastructure and more. Azure Active Directory, however, is not a cloud version of Active Directory, unlike JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service.


Should Microsoft Own Your Identity?

If Microsoft owns your identity, you have limited access to resources your need. Discover what this means and how JumpCloud is different.


Why Use JumpCloud Over Azure AD

As many IT admins look to shift their directory service to the cloud, they are often asking why choose JumpCloud over Microsoft Azure Active Directory?


Azure Active Directory vs Okta

Let's compare Azure AD to Okta to explore each solution's feature set and ideal use case in the realm of directory services, IAM, and SSO.


Azure AD Authentication Protocols

IT teams interested in utilizing Azure AD may need to know what protocols it natively supports for connecting users to their resources.


Azure AD Without RADIUS

Azure AD doesn’t natively provide RADIUS authentication, but IT teams can troubleshoot this issue by integrating it with a directory service that does.


Can I Use Azure AD for Authentication?

Azure AD may be suitable for authentication to some resources, but vital gaps in AAD’s infrastructure management capabilities exist.