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Written by Stephanie DeCamp on April 19, 2020

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Valuable, actionable insights into IT systems can save organizations time, money, and frustration. But sifting through mountains of information to uncover practical applications is trickier than you might expect. According to Forrester, 74% of firms want to be data-driven, but only 29% of them are able to turn these analytics into useful initiatives. Oftentimes, this task can fall on the IT admin’s shoulders.

What Actionable Insights Can Do

Admins need to be able to take stock of the state of all their systems and provide information to auditors for compliance — that’s what actionable insights are all about. And ideally, they should be able to do so quickly and easily, translating those insights into a domino effect on productivity and prevention.

For example, being able to determine which systems need updates and patching can solve problems before they blow up. This then resolves issues without disturbing an employee’s workflow, and the admin can then streamline said time into other priorities. 

Those priorities could then include proactive steps toward maintaining compliance, for example, an admin could turn to compiling further comprehensive, system-level data. This can then be combed through to look for other vulnerabilities, all of which continues to billow out by providing proof of compliance.

This is the power of actionable insights. Not only do they provide the advantages above, but they also allow admins to make broad, impactful decisions based on hard data analysis. The resulting time and diminished frustration not only makes work easier, but also leads to greater savings. 

Telemetry That Makes a Difference

System Insights™ from JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service® is an ideal way for today’s sysadmins to streamline work with actionable insights. Once enabled in the Admin Portal, admins can gain critical visibility into their endpoints, manage assets, extract compliance reporting and analysis, and strengthen security across the board. 

Numerous data points can be gathered every hour with this premium feature. This includes telemetry on users and groups, hardware and disk utilization, applications and browser extensions, and encryption settings and software versioning.

All of this together can empower admins to create actionable insights, generate new ideas and cut out old measures that no longer work. Get more out of your data with the right tools in hand — more time, less frustration, and a better bottom line. 

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For more information on System Insights and how it can help you get the best out of your people and machines, check out the System Insights product page, or contact us for a free demo.

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